About us

We looked at the other task and project managers and came to one clear conclusion – it is time for a radical change
We’re visual people, and we love to make things simple. Simple things can make work effortless, make meaning clear, and make the otherwise mundane, enthralling. Being productive can also make more money. Time is money, and we respect our time. Maybe you do, too.
We proudly offer interactive visual productivity solution that put your to-do’s, tasks, schedules, file storage, and group chat in one place.
We strongly believe that organizing your daily or weekly to-dos visually you can eliminate a lot of waste of time. Having a concise yet comprehensive workflow layout could have a significant impact on your productivity. Planning is the most crucial part of our work. One thing we learned that we should never neglect the time and effort necessary for due diligence before acting. As Yogi Berra brilliantly said it: “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
Whether we want it or not, we are deciphering complex information every day.
We are here to change the game of productivity, offering an alternative – visual workflow blueprint. It is about the changing dynamics of how we plan and execute our work.

My story

Since I was a kid my dream was to do something special in life that will make the difference. I wanted to make an impact on the big scale, stand out, and leave something behind. Being “entrepreneur” was not in my vocabulary when I was growing up in a different country. And yet, I always wanted to find the solution that no one could. “Solution seeker” – was the part of my identity through out of my entire diverse life career. From being a military pilot to engineering, to complex supply chain management at the high-tech company… Process automation always fascinated me, and it became the area of my expertise. As a “solution seeker” I found the output in building software tools to automate processes and improve efficiency.
At some point (3 years ago) I realized that I was “getting old” and still did not achieve my childhood dream of making the substantial impact. I have decided to quit my comfortable high-paying job and use all my savings (401K) to pursue my dream of being entrepreneur. I stepped out of my comfort zone and made an attempt to fulfill unrealized dreams before it is too late. So, I went on to develop an application that will automate ecommerce to accounting transactions (DataQlick). Having some experience with online sales (Ebay, Amazon) I understood the issues and challenges. The goal was to create a product that could save time and reduce manual work.
I dared to go and built the software that is hugely complex and extremely intricate. Oh boy, I did not know what I was getting into… All from scratch – developing logic, the flow, design, …at some point I was working with 8 people (developers, testers, designers). I had to be a project manager for all of them. On top of that – there is website content, tutorials, sales demo, communication and marketing …
Due to budgetary constraints I hired only freelancers who was working in completely opposite time zone (worldwide). So, it all comes with sleepless nights, communication difficulties, immense stress.
To say that was not easy – it’s just to say nothing. Entrepreneurs who is my shoes can totally feel and understand me.

Managing development workflow was hugely complex. At some point I found myself having 200+ open tasks demanding my attention. It was brutal. I have tried every possible task management software to make my job easier – from simple to sophisticated. None of existing platforms met the needs for me and my team – they were locking some functionality or complex counterproductive. My primary need was simple – I wanted to do more in less time with clear visibility. No platform should make me a slave.
As strange as it may sound, I discovered that it was incredibly challenging to find simple and yet functional application that provides the clarity I was looking for: robust visual planning and scheduling, quick access and prioritization, easy workflow management and sharing.
The “bulb went on”… We have decided to build our own system for managing tasks.
We utilized unique visual 2-dimensional interface. It arranges work in a clear, concise, and intuitive visual format that is easy to comprehend and simple to use – bubbles. It is simple and practical.
While it sounds funny, “bubbles” are the serious visual aid that serves as container packed with information and has specific layout coordinates.
It has huge advantage over typical task managers – CLARITY.
Fast forward 2 years, and we have the BubblesPlanner solution!
I realized my passion for productivity and put all my blood sweat and tears into this solution. I love what I do and I would never change it for anything.
I truly hope that busy and ambitious person can appreciate the value this app can bring. I have a great and utmost respect for freelancers. They work hard, they hustle, and I hope to make their day easier. This is my impact. This is my “difference”.


P.S. In the meantime, in the process of building this application I’ve built an amazing team of passionate, knowledgeable professionals and I couldn’t be more proud of their work.

BubblesPlanner is beyond the traditional task management.  


“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”

—Wanda Sykes

Our vision

BubblesPlanner is on a mission to create software that helps business professionals to get a better handle on managing their tasks, get organized, and be more effective in achieving their goals.